Vernon Litigation Group

Advocates & Advisors

Vernon Litigation Group is a Naples, Florida-based law firm representing clients in courtroom litigation, mediations and arbitrations throughout Florida and the United States. As both advocates and advisors, Vernon Litigation Group believes our clients are best served by our constant focus on areas of the law related to investment and business.

We use our legal and advocacy skills to help our clients — investors, individuals and businesses — recover significant or severe investment and business losses through litigation, arbitration, mediation and pre-suit negotiation. 

Our attorneys are experienced in litigating and arbitrating business disputes and cases involving receiverships, breaches of contract and minority business owners’ rights. Vernon Litigation Group assists clients in recovering losses caused by all manner of financial fraud and negligence involving a wide variety of investment related matters, including disputes involving securities  such as hedge funds, variable annuities, bonds, mutual funds, private and non-traded REITs, structured products, principal protected notes, real estate, banking, insurance, collateralized mortgage obligations and collateralized debt obligations (CMOs and CDOs), tax shelters and pension funds.

Vernon Litigation Group believes that our mission also extends beyond our client base and into the community.  We educate investors about scams and abusive practices by stockbrokers and investment advisors; we are active in charitable and community service programs and we offer the public an easy way to investigate a stockbroker’s background.