In my 35 years as a President and CEO of several Fortune 100 companies, which my duties included dealing with both in house and outside counsel, your firm ranks in the top 1% of excellence. Vernon Litigation Group is professional, honest and hard working on behalf of its clients. My wife and I want to thank you for representing us in a very difficult situation. I can assure you, I would ALWAYS recommend you.

J.O., Retired CEO

I feel lucky to have Kristian Kraszewski and Chris Vernon as my counsel. Basic values of ethics and honesty (which I feel that they both have) are much more valuable to me than money.


This is a note to say thank you for all of your hard work, your thoughtful insight and your detailed attention to every aspect of my case. Victor, Chris, and Andrea have been an inspiration of exactly how a law firm should provide outstanding client service to their individual cases.

AL, High Producing Financial Advisor for Major Wirehouse

Over the past five decades, I have owned or managed a number of corporations that did business with companies all across the country. This experience gave me the opportunity to interact with more law firms and attorneys than I could count. With that background, I have a good perspective on what makes up the kind of law firm I want to deal with. I was extremely pleased with the manner in which the Vernon Litigation Group handled my investment dispute with a national brokerage firm. Chris Vernon and his team of lawyers and paralegals demonstrated a level of professional competence I have seldom found in a law firm. And, most importantly, my case was brought to a very successful conclusion by the Vernon Litigation lawyers. An additional thing that stands out in my mind is the personal interest shown by every member of the firm who was involved in my case. I would highly recommend Vernon Litigation Group to any investor in the United States who has been taken advantage of or lied to by their investment professional.

RB, Client, REIT Investor

Chris Vernon has been involved in litigation on my behalf over the last several years, with two complicated cases. He and his staff are very responsive, and provide a high level of service. He never seems at a loss to delve into the complexities of a difficult situation, and has an excellent knack for breaking a case down into its basic elements and developing a strategy from there. I would highly recommend an exploratory call to Chris if you have the need for litigation counsel.

DF, Physician and Real Estate Investor

The Vernon Litigation Group has acted in the role of principal legal counsel to our family for over ten years. Chris Vernon and his team provide a robust blend of integrity, tenacity, and vision to the attorney-client relationship. Their follow up also helps ensure that a case is progressing as swiftly as possible. Chris Vernon’s firm scores a “10” in our book.

JH, Retired Executive and Entrepreneur

Chris Vernon and his firm, Vernon Litigation Group, go far beyond being technically skilled at the practice of law. They are creative strategists who stay steps ahead of their opponents in business and financial disputes. The firm is substantial enough to take on billion-dollar corporations (and their law firms) yet is small enough to give clients personalized attention. I appreciate Chris’s combination of an aggressive and proactive approach, with a temperament that allows for calm in situations that (for the client) can be anything but calm.

MT, Investor in Ponzi Scheme

The lawyers at Vernon Litigation Group handled my situation very professionally. They identified and outlined potential land mines, then confidently and effectively navigated me through the minefield. In fact, their proactive approach prevented my situation from turning into a significant problem. They always kept a keen eye on what was realistic and most probable. I always felt I was in good hands and the result confirmed it.

AT, Financial Advisor

You gave us back our life. You stood with us, and took on the nation’s largest and most powerful industry and YOU WON. Pleased is the most understated word I can imagine, but I am not William F. Buckley, I am just me, and so at that moment, words failed me.

Your closing arguments were the perfect combination of our family principles and understanding of the law and rules of evidence that I could ever hear. I could not have ever imagined that you would be able to cobble together a combination of law & evidence, and ethics and fairness in one hour. I could not have asked for better representation than that which you two provided to our family.

In the future, if you chose to fight for a cause, do not take on Wall Street, the largest and most powerful industry in this nation. BUT, if you do choose to take on Goliath, do it with this team.

You two were simply awesome. You outgunned one of the largest law firms in the world, representing one of the largest and most powerful companies in the financial services industry, for a seemingly average family in Naples, FL. AND YOU WON! That is what you fought this for, and YOU WON.

JE, Financial Advisor

I have used Chris Vernon’s services during a very difficult situation and his expertise and compassion were incredible. Mr. Vernon displays gentleness when talking and working with the client, but is a formidable power when dealing with the other side. He works to solve the situation with a quiet strength. His presence at all the negotiations gave me a sense of peace and assurance that things would eventually be worked out. Mr. Vernon takes great pride in his work and has a strong sense of doing the right thing. His character is impeccable and his commitment to his clients without question. Working with Mr. Vernon made a very difficult time so much easier, and I really felt like I had a new friend when it was all over.

BB, Physician involved in contract dispute

My experience with the Vernon Litigation Group has been one of true professionalism. The team listened very well to my concerns and developed an excellent course of action. I can always count on any communication responded to promptly.

RB, Financial Advisor to high net worth clients

Chris Vernon provides the highest level of legal service with a wonderful personal touch. A great lawyer and a great human being. I highly recommend Vernon Litigation Group to anyone in need of top notch legal representation.

SG, Successful entrepreneur and hedge fund investor

As a former client and fellow attorney, I can offer a unique perspective on the Vernon firm. From the professional viewpoint, the Vernon team works hand in glove with each other to serve the client’s needs, recognizing that claims born in fraud require immediate attention and continuing vigilance. At the first conference, I felt relieved by Mr. Vernon’s obvious expertise in this legal area, as well as his reassuring “chairside manner” that my problem deserved answers.

SR, Attorney and investor through offshore trusts

My wife and I had a rather large lawsuit that we had filed in the Sarasota area last year. Chris and his staff we very responsive to our needs. They told us what to expect and they went above and beyond expectations when they performed work for us to move our case ahead to a speedy conclusion. We intend to refer all of our legal issues to Chris and his team in the future as they were very honest and forthright. We have other attorneys to whom we could refer our business. However, even if Chris doesn’t or can’t take our case, we’re sure that he will provide us with an honest and objective opinion. In short, we would refer anyone to Vernon Litigation Group.

MG, Successful entrepreneur and high net worth investor.

In 40 years of employment in the securities industry, sales and management, I have had the good fortune to work with a number of capable securities law attorneys. One of the most competent and qualified of those attorneys is Chris Vernon of Vernon Litigation Group. If I were asked to describe Chris in one word, it would be: Integrity. There is no one that I would rather have at my side in counsel than Chris. His candor, in combination with his straightforward advice, have aided my decision-making process on multiple occasions. He receives my highest recommendation.

RF, Investment Professional to high net worth investors

I needed the assistance of a lawyer and I was given the name of Chris Vernon by several professionals. I subsequently met with Mr. Vernon and chose to work with him as his well-regarded reputation for professionalism and competence was quite evident upon our first meeting. Over the course of my legal case, Mr. Vernon not only repeatedly demonstrated his professionalism and competence but also his steadiness, consistency, compassion, and trustworthiness. With these attributes, Mr. Vernon and his legal team made me feel comfortable and secure in my decision to retain their services and manage my legal case.

SS, Private Practice Ph.D.

Victor Bayata and Vernon Litigation were instrumental in helping me negotiate my sign-on agreement with a top tier wealth management group. I believe they did a wonderful job of protecting my interests. That said, I believe what distinguishes Vernon Litigation from other law firms is their ability to help individuals think about the legal implications over the long term and how this could impact someone’s career. Therefore, I am grateful for their objective counsel and I would recommend them to anyone looking for sound legal advice.

AF, Financial Advisor

Vernon Litigation Group has handled multiple legal matters for me over the years. As a former practicing New York, Virginia and DC attorney and now President of an international company, I know how to recognize a lawyer’s lawyer. The lawyers at Vernon Litigation Group consistently exceed my expectations. They have a unique combination of creativity and dogged determination that is rare even in the competitive world of litigation. If it is complex, if it involves a fight over money, if your target is a wrongdoer, Vernon Litigation Group is the law firm you should hire no matter where you are in the United States. I highly recommend them for any dispute in which you might be involved.

JA, Attorney and President of international medical device company

Chris Vernon has assisted me twice in the past 20 years on a fraud and insurance misrepresentation issue. Chris was very easy to work with, thorough in getting the facts and effective in his handling of my concerns. I was very pleased with his results. I would highly recommend him. He is a very effective attorney.

GC, successful corporate executive and hedge fund investor

I have had the pleasure to utilize the services of Chris Vernon and his outstanding law firm. Chris has excellent character and has a highly deserved reputation as an exceptional attorney and person. He is deeply committed to his clients and to the service of his community. He is thoughtful, yet also aggressive when needed. He has strong strategic skills and outstanding legal abilities. In a nutshell, if you need a top caliber, most highly rated attorney you can trust, Chris and his firm should be your number one choice.

LH, Auditor

Chris Vernon is a highly professional, diligent, and knowledgeable attorney. His work ethic, attention to detail and overall sense of urgency is hard to find. He understands the importance of helping clients manage the emotion involved in getting through legal matters. Chris makes himself readily available to his clients and is always able to provide great advice and counsel. With Chris, I always felt reassured that details/developments would be communicated clearly and promptly.

CW, Successful Real Estate Professional

My wife and I want to thank Atty. Chris Vernon and Atty Jeffrey Haut for taking on our fraud case against a major banking institution. We could not have been happier with the successful results which exceeded our expectations. Atty. Vernon and his team are professional, competent, caring and trustworthy. They make it very easy for clients to communicate all their concerns. If we were ever in need of legal representation again it would be Vernon Litigation Group without hesitation. We would recommend Vernon Litigation Group to anyone in need of an excellent law firm.

J.B. and T.B., Identity theft victims

I unwittingly got myself into a situation that was as disheartening as it was expensive. I entered into a contract with someone, who I felt had manipulated me & had applied unfair pressure. Vernon Litigation Group took on my case. They kept me informed every step of the way, were very easy to work with, and stayed within the dollar amount that they quoted me. They resolve my situation beautifully and I was relieved of the stress and financial burden that had been causing me sleepless nights! I highly recommend Chris Vernon, Jeffrey Haut the rest of the staff at Vernon Litigation Group.

J.H., Timeshare Fraud Victim


These testimonials are from actual clients reflecting their opinions about their cases.  Prospective clients may not obtain the same or similar results.

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