Disputes with Financial Institutions

When a person is wronged by a large financial institution or its employees, a resolution may seem impossible. Navigating the financial dispute resolution process can sometimes appear to even the most experienced investor or financial professional as a daunting “David versus Goliath” battle. Even when the financial institution is in the wrong, it may attempt to prevent or limit recovery. For investors, recouping savings and seeking compensation from financial institutions seems like a fool’s errand.

Fortunately, those who have been wronged by financial institutions usually have options to recover their damages. However, recovering damages frequently requires filing a claim through a claims process that most people do not realize they have consented to or even heard about. Financial institutions’ wrongdoing often falls under the jurisdiction of FINRA: the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority. FINRA requires arbitration, a form of alternative dispute resolution, for nearly all disputes with financial institutions.

Vernon Litigation Group routinely handles financial institutions disputes including:

  • Unauthorized trading, such as selling and buying securities without the account owner’s permission
  • Excessive trading to generate large fees, such as churning and twisting
  • Unsuitability of investment products
  • Investor fraud by broker-dealers, financial advisors, and other financial professionals
  • Breach of trust by institutional trustees
  • Fraudulent statements regarding investment products
  • Unauthorized accounts being opened
  • Financial advisor employment disputes, such as defamation, breach of contract, fraudulent inducement, and promissory note cases

Fortunately, Vernon Litigation Group’s attorneys have extensive experience representing investors and financial advisors against financial institutions in the FINRA arbitration process. Our litigation practice is built to resolve disputes regardless of how big or well-funded the opposing party might be.  Vernon Litigation Group fights for our clients’ position regardless of how nuanced or complex the case might be.

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