Non-Compete Agreements

Non-compete agreements are a critical component of business relationships. Simply put, non-compete agreements restrict or limit the “how, when, and where” of an ongoing or recently concluded business relationship.

Non-compete agreements generally arise in three circumstances. Most commonly, non-compete agreements are signed to anticipate actions that occur when an employer and an employee sever their relationship and the employer does not want the employee to compete in the same field. Non-compete agreements can also be entered into when a business and an independent contractor are terminating their relationship. Finally, a non-compete can be utilized when two business entities anticipate parting ways and wish to limit future competition for a certain period of time.

Unfortunately, parties who sometimes desire to move on with their careers can be restricted from doing so by non-compete agreements. We have significant experience handling litigation involving non-compete agreements including:

  • Allegations of tortious interference with prospective business relationships
  • Inconsistent or vague terms within a non-compete agreement
  • Disputes surrounding the applicable geographic area and protected market of the non-compete agreement
  • Disputes related to a non-compete agreement’s time limitation period or effective date
  • Forfeiture of compensation, enforcement of promissory notes, or other disagreements related to compensatory payments
  • Disputes about which parties are bound to comply with the non-compete agreement
  • Validity of non-compete agreements in certain jurisdictions or states
  • Alleged violations of non-disclosures related to non-compete agreements

Vernon Litigation Group understands the nuanced nature of business relationships.  Drawing on our decades of experience, our team of attorneys is prepared to handle your business relationship issues in court and outside of court as non compete lawyers.  Many times, the most difficult aspect of litigation is learning how to communicate effectively with your adversaries.  Let Vernon Litigation Group handle that difficult process for you in order to resolve your business dispute whether it simply involves contacting your adversaries or if it involves resolving your dispute with litigation.

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