Tortious Interference with Business Relationships

Forming a successful business relationship requires extraordinary time, devotion, and financial resources. It is crucial to hire experienced attorneys with successful, client-focused track records when a third party interferes with a business relationship whether by fraud, misrepresentation, intimidation, coercion, or other malicious conduct.

We have significant experience handling tortious interference litigation including:

  • Tortious interference with business
  • Interference with a contract
  • False claims against a business, its owners, or shareholders
  • False claims against a partner intended to interfere with business relationships
  • Interference with internal business operations by third parties
  • Intentional interference with contractual relationships between businesses
  • Inducement of a breach of contract

Vernon Litigation Group approaches each case and each client in a customized way. Clients contemplating litigation need skilled lawyers who how to develop a successful strategy to fight a claim.  We zealously represent our clients from the inception of a case through the conclusion of litigation. Drawing on our decades of experience, we fully appreciate that client-centered determination at every step in a case is vital to achieving our clients’ goals.


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