Hurricane Related Financial Disputes

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In the wake of a major disaster, the economy often takes time to restart. As critical infrastructure comes back online and commerce begins to flow, unscrupulous persons sometimes use the cover of hurricanes and natural disasters to breach existing contracts or perform new contracts in a substandard manner.

Businesses may discover that their contractual partners, suppliers, associates, and affiliates who are able to fulfil their end of the bargain are refusing to perform their obligations. A prospective homebuyer might refuse to purchase a property, despite the terms of the purchase agreement and a lack of damage to the property. A contractor who is hired to repair damages caused by a hurricane or other natural disaster may do substandard repairs or use different materials than those specified by the contract.

At Vernon Litigation Group, we have significant experience handling financial disputes that can arise out of hurricanes and other natural disasters, including:

  • Contractors and subcontractors who fail to adequately perform repairs or improvements
  • Disputes among shareholders and managers relating to business losses and disruptions
  • Breaches of purchase and sale agreements for real property
  • Disputes about responsibility for repairing damage to property
  • Landlord-tenant disputes relating to repairs to property
  • Residential and commercial mortgages, security agreements, and financing agreements
  • Impossibility and impracticability of performing contracts
  • Claims involving “frustration of purpose” and destruction of the subject matter of the contract
  • Force majeure and “Acts of God” clauses
  • Anticipatory repudiation of contracts

We believe that when natural disasters occur, members of the community should come together. Unfortunately, bad actors will often exploit hard-working business owners and individuals who are simply trying to recover.


Vernon Litigation Group is based in Naples, Florida with additional offices in Georgia. Vernon Litigation Group represents businesses and individuals who have financial disputes arising out of hurricanes and other natural disasters.

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