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As all of us Floridian’s brace for Hurricane Dorian, we are sure you are inundated with tips on how to prepare, what to stock up on and are religiously watching the weather channel and hurricane advisory updates. At Vernon Litigation Group, we want to offer to you tips on what to do AFTER the hurricane has subsided.  If you have suffered damage due to the hurricane and are wondering where […]

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Florida Residents Be Aware of ‘AOB’ | Vernon Litigation Group

If you live in Florida, there may be an inflated probability that you have heard the term ‘Assignment of Benefits‘ or AOB. Although we see a heightened amount of cases regarding construction fraud in the event of a hurricane, we remain acutely aware that the abuse of AOB is not limited to adverse affects of mother nature, but also appears in the construction industry overall. Florida is in an insurance […]

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