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Investors harmed by the Lehman Brothers bankruptcy get mixed messages this week

The Lehman Brothers bankruptcy that shook the financial world in 2008 still has investors who lost billions in the collapse wondering when they will begin to recoup their losses. Two decisions this week – one by a judge and the other by the Lehman Estate – did little to bring clarity to the situation or hope that investors will see a significant portion of their money anytime soon, say securities attorneys at Vernon […]

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Lehman Brothers attempts to convert Archstone REIT deal debt

According to Reuters, Lehman Brothers is continuing its efforts to convert some of the $5 billion plus debt obligation from its 2007 leveraged buyout of Archstone Real Estate Investment Trust (Archstone REIT) into the equivalent of preferred stock and extend the repayment date on the balance of the debt. As mentioned in an earlier commentary I wrote on the Lehman Brothers Bankruptcy Examiner’s Report and the Repo 105 issue, this REIT deal was a […]

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