Investigating David Lerner’s Spirit of America Fund

Jun 12, 2018 / protecting investors

Vernon Litigation is investigating claims on behalf of investors that were sold David Lerner’s Spirit of America Fund (Symbol SOAEX). According to fund disclosures, as of May 2015, over 90% of the fund was invested in energy related investment and Master Limited Partnerships (MLP’s). The fund, unfortunately, pays a portion of the income using investor capital. Despite a recent surge in energy prices, SOAEX has declined substantially. In 2018 the […]

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Our Concerns Over The Use Of Credit Unions To Sell Annuities

Jun 8, 2018 / protecting investors

According to Investment News, the Utah Division of Securities is looking to fine CUSO Financial for all of the following defects: CUSO’s failure to comply with the regulatory requirements governing networking arrangements between broker-dealers and credit unions; CUSO’s apparent approval of the use of misleading sales and advertising materials and other information provided to customers and the public; CUSO’s failure to follow and enforce policies and procedures, and; CUSO’s failure […]

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Future Income Payment Investors Are At Risk

Jun 7, 2018 / Videos

Chris Vernon explains why investors in FIP or Future Income Payments have a very good reason to be worried and what steps they should be taking to make sure their money is working for them. For more information check out the video below:   Check out his article for even more information on structured cash flows.

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What Is Arbitration? Is It Good Or Bad For You?

May 30, 2018 / Videos

In the latest installment of our ongoing weekly video series Chris Vernon explains arbitration, and it’s potential impact as both a consumer and as a business owner. Whether you are using a service, cementing a business deal, or anything else that might use an arbitration clause be sure to know what it means for you. Find out more in the video below:

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