Elder Abuse: Financial | Vernon Litigation Group

In this installment of our weekly video series, Founding Partner, Chris Vernon speaks about Elder Financial Abuse.  We dislike to report of such things happening, however the reality of it is…it is happening frequently and a lot of the time by your loved ones and or someone your trust.

We have spoken about this numerous times and can be read here

¹Here are some red flags to pay attention to:

  • Using guardianship authority to transfer property for the guardian’s benefit.
  • Receiving personal payments from a protected individual without court permission.
  • Authorizing frequent cash withdrawals from the protected individual’s accounts without explanation.
  • Using or borrowing property for personal benefit without court authorization.
  • Making unexplained decisions that are not in the protected individual’s best interest.

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¹Wasik, John. “5 Ways To Spot And Stop Elder Financial Abuse.” Forbes, Forbes Magazine, 2 Apr. 2018, www.forbes.com/sites/johnwasik/2018/03/30/5-ways-to-spot-and-stop-elder-financial-abuse/#3e69d766eff4.


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