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Two Main Categories of Risk

In this installment of our ongoing weekly video series, Chris Vernon talks briefly on the two main categories of risk;  1. Blind Risk and 2. Calculated Risk. We unfortunately and often see more and more people taking blind risks when investing due to a promised high return on investment. In order to minimize risk, do your due diligence to structure your investment, find out more here:  

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Little Known Red Flags for Scams & Frauds

Apr 19, 2019 / protecting investors

In this installment of our ongoing weekly video series, Chris Vernon delves into a few of the lesser-known warning signs that a potential offer is a scam or some sort of fraud. It is a sad state of affairs that if someone claims something is free or guaranteed then there are some strings attached, find out more here:

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Selecting An Investment Professionals | A Quick How To

Apr 10, 2019 / protecting investors

In this week’s installment our ongoing video series, Chris Vernon discusses how an investor should go about choosing the right investment professional. Local newspapers, television commercials, and even billboards are constantly advertising the latest and greatest investment professionals near you. But be wary when choosing an investment advisor off ads alone, find out what steps you should take here:

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Beware of Stock Brokers Selling Away from Brokerage Firm

Mar 13, 2019 / protecting investors

Selling away is a practice engaged in by unethical “financial professionals” that involves the recommendation of investment away from the brokerage firm where the “financial professional” is registered. This is an unethical practice and often leads to investors losing their entire investment. Recently, Vernon Litigation Group has seen an uptick in the unethical practice of Selling Away. Similarly, the primary regulator for brokerage firms, FINRA, seems to be catching more […]

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