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The FinCEN Files: A Follow-Up on Potential Money Laundering and Suspicious Activity

Oct 14, 2020 / Litigation

We posted an article last month about an important development in the news regarding the FinCEN Files, a leak that contained files linking various banks to over $2 trillion in money laundering activities worldwide. Here are some updates to this sudden development. (Un)surprisingly Quiet The magnitude of the FinCEN Files leak is quite significant. $2 trillion is no small number, especially if it is potentially tied to money laundering. Some […]

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Powerful Banks Linked to Money Laundering in Recent FinCEN Files Leak

Sep 21, 2020 / Barclays

Thousands of documents linking the world’s biggest banks to money laundering were recently leaked. FinCEN Files: What are they? This recent leak, known as the FinCEN Files, links various banks to over $2 trillion in possible money laundering activities across the globe. Money laundering allows criminal enterprises to send “dirty” money through a variety of transactions to essentially make it “clean.” In this case, some of the world’s most powerful […]

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