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Beware of Gold and Silver Scams

Nov 12, 2020 / Investments

Before paper money became the world’s standard method of payment, precious metals were notoriously used as currency. Although paper money has essentially replaced precious metals as currency, metals such as gold, silver, platinum, and others still have tremendous value in the marketplace today. With the rampant uncertainty going forward throughout the world right now, precious metals continue to rise to new highs. As of November 10, 2020, gold is currently […]

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ICOs and Cryptocurrency: Why Investors Must Exercise Extreme Caution

Oct 29, 2020 / Blog

Initial coin offerings, commonly known as ICOs, are among today’s fastest-growing ways for companies to raise money. Although cryptocurrency is used as an alternate payment method for a growing number of goods and services, many people view them as securities and investments. While investing in ICOs and cryptocurrency may be exciting and potentially lucrative, they are also highly speculative and risky. Thus, investors must exercise extreme caution if they are […]

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Vernon Litigation Group Investigates FS Energy and Power Fund

Sep 30, 2020 / Investments

FS Energy and Power Fund has experienced lackluster performance since its founding in 2011. Vernon Litigation Group is investigating potential claims against the fund for its poor performance in the past decade. What is FSEP? FS Energy and Power Fund (FSEP) is a business development company (BDC) sponsored by FS Investments, an alternative investment management company that sponsors a variety of alternative investments, including REITs, BDCs, mutual funds and interval […]

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YieldStreet faces Class Action Lawsuit over Ship Breaking Deals

Sep 14, 2020 / Investments

Alternative investment platform YieldStreet was recently sued by investors for alleged losses in private offerings related to marine finance and shipbreaking. What is YieldStreet? YieldStreet, Inc. is an online platform that offers alternative investment products to both accredited and non-accredited investors. Types of alternative investments that YieldStreet offers includes real estate, art collections, marine finance, legal settlements, and more. The advantage to investors is short-term, high-yield products with little correlation […]

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