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When Does a Text Become a Binding Contract in Real Estate

Jun 2, 2017 / Blog Posts , Tags: ,

Watch out, that text you just sent may have created an enforceable contract. As the use of electronic communication has become more pervasive in society, warnings regarding its various forms: text messages, email, Facebook posts, Facebook messages, and even Snapchat messages, have likewise become pretty commonplace. Keep in mind, these warnings need to go far beyond warning your children of social media’s ill effects. Your use of social media and […]

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Bond Abuses Continue

Jun 1, 2017 / Blog Posts

The trend of brokerage firms abusing investor trust with respect to bonds continues with this month’s FINRA Disciplinary Actions (May 2017). This latest summary of disciplinary actions states that FMSbonds, Inc. (CRD #7793, Boca Raton, Florida) was censured and fined for its actions related to municipal bonds. We note this because just last month we wrote a detailed blog post about abuses in the bond world. The current political environment may […]

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FINRA Reforms Are Needed To Protect The Investing Public

Mar 28, 2017 / Blog Posts

Most investors in the United States must rely on the FINRA arbitration process to attempt to recover damages caused by investment professionals. Additionally, the investing public must rely primarily on FINRA regulators (along with the SEC) to protect investors from bad actors and bad actions of investment professionals. Unfortunately, many believe FINRA is not up to either job, much less both the regulatory and arbitration side of the investor watchdog […]

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National Planning Holdings Inc. Temporarily Halts Sales of American Realty Capital Properties Inc., REITs

Nov 11, 2014 / Blog Posts

On Thursday, October 30, National Planning Holdings Inc. (NPH), a group of four broker-dealers, informed their nearly 4,000 registered representatives and advisers that it is putting a temporary halt on sales of non-traded REITs (real estate investment trusts) connected to Nicholas Schorsch’s American Realty Capital Properties (ARCP) and its affiliates. This announcement came on the heels of ARCP’s revelation last Wednesday that some $23 million in accounting discrepancies from the […]

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