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Can I Sue My Broker

Oct 8, 2020 / protecting investors

We have seen a number of cases where financial advisors and stockbrokers fail to keep their clients’ interests in mind. Some advisors and brokers simply do what is best for themselves rather than what is best for their clients. The industry has no shortage of individuals who fail to take their clients’ needs into account. This is detrimental to the client. As a result, investors are often stuck with investment […]

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Powerful Banks Linked to Money Laundering in Recent FinCEN Files Leak

Sep 21, 2020 / Barclays

Thousands of documents linking the world’s biggest banks to money laundering were recently leaked. FinCEN Files: What are they? This recent leak, known as the FinCEN Files, links various banks to over $2 trillion in possible money laundering activities across the globe. Money laundering allows criminal enterprises to send “dirty” money through a variety of transactions to essentially make it “clean.” In this case, some of the world’s most powerful […]

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Storm Season in Full Swing in Southwest Florida

Sep 16, 2020 / Bulletin

Twenty inches of rain in less than two weeks? Yes, it happened here. Some parts of our community such as Sanibel have seen this much rain this month alone. Nearly all of Southwest Florida has seen higher-than-normal rainfall this month. Tropical Storm Sandy brought several inches of unexpected rain throughout our community. This past weekend, Collier County received more than 6 inches of rain, while Lee County received as many […]

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YieldStreet faces Class Action Lawsuit over Ship Breaking Deals

Sep 14, 2020 / Investments

Alternative investment platform YieldStreet was recently sued by investors for alleged losses in private offerings related to marine finance and shipbreaking. What is YieldStreet? YieldStreet, Inc. is an online platform that offers alternative investment products to both accredited and non-accredited investors. Types of alternative investments that YieldStreet offers includes real estate, art collections, marine finance, legal settlements, and more. The advantage to investors is short-term, high-yield products with little correlation […]

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